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Visiting students (freemovers, study abroad, free mobility, etc) from institutions that do not have an exchange agreement with Anahuac Mayab University, should forward the following documents listed below to the International Office in original:

  • Exchange Request with the permission of your university

  • Three passport size color photos

  • Official Academic History

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Photocopy of valid passport for the duration of your exchange

  • Certificate of intermediate level of Spanish language

  • Health information with the signature and certificate of the doctor.

  • Photocopy of Insurance: Including minor medical expenses (disease), higher medical costs (hospitalization and/or accidents) and repatriation expenses.

  • Migratory Obligations Format.

  • Student Obligations Format.

  • Authorization for medical treatment.

The following documents must be submitted by the student to the International Office immediately after arrival at the Anahuac Mayab University:

  • Copy of the FMM mark as Purpose of trip: Other if the student come to Anahuac Mayab only for 1 semester (less than 180 days).
  • Copy of the VISA with the condition of "RESIDENTE TEMPORAL ESTUDIANTE" if you come only for 1 semester and your nationality requieres it (please check the list on the INM website).
  • Copy of the VISA with the condition of "RESIDENTE TEMPORAL ESTUDIANTE" (This process must be previously performed on the Mexican Consular Office in you country) if the student come to Anahuac Mayab for the Full year (more than 180 days).

The application documents must be sent scanned (in one PDF document) via email to this address


Tuition costs

Once you've chosen the courses you want to take, we can provide the cost of registration and tuition according to the number of credits.

(Rates valid until May 2018)


Degrees in general:

Registration Cost
36 crédits or more $12,035
From 19 to 35 credits $8,890
From 6 to 18 credits $4,700


Medicine, Gastronomy and Tourism:

Registration Cost
36 créditos or more 13,900
From 19 to 35 credits 10,300
From 6 to 18 credits $5,100
Medicine Internship $11,600


* For international exchange students you should check International Medical Insurance Expenses with the requested coverage.

Tuition Fees

  • Degrees in general: $970 cost credits
  • Gastronomy and Tourism: $995 cost credits
  • Medicine: $1,035 cost credits
  • Internship Fee: $14,975 (one payment)
  • Required English  $4,725

*It is required for all students to have an insurance. If you are an exchange student from national origin, you must have a major medical expenses insurance with comprehensive coverage. And if you are an international exchange student, you must have a valid international policy (major medical coverage). 


It is important to take into account the deadlines for submission of requests for exchange, according to the semester in which you want to participate:

Spring Semester (January-June): November 1

Fall Semester (August-December): May 1

VISA and migration


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Medical Insurance


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